Be welcomed,
Honorable guests from near and far


This year’s tenth anniversary performance will feature as in past years a “Squire Competition” in keeping with the theme, in which everyone can participate.
Visitors can compete on Saturday and Sunday in contests with spears and bows and fi ght on wooded horses in the hopes of victory because there are
outstanding prizes. There will be music at the market, too. The minstrels Spectaculatius, Triskilian and Eulental, all well-known groups in Germany’s medieval
scene, will once again be in Bernkastel-Kues where they will try to captivate all the visitors with their easygoing sayings and songs.
In addition, the city has also arranged for the jester pair Forzarello with their mystical fi re-spitting drums and the storyteller Stella Monte, who is admired for
her repertoire of stories. The dancing women will enthrall men and women to the extent that they, too, will indulge in oriental dance. But there will also be
something horrifi c and unimaginable on German soil: The slave trade will fl ourish again when the “Northern men come” with the Vargar Viking Group. And what
would a market be without the market criers? This is not only how tradespeople offer their wares like fi ne cloths, swords, candelabras, ropes, barrels and so on,
but also how market women who go around with carts and baskets try to sell their wares to women.
Three wonderful days await you on the Moselle in a unique atmosphere with lots of tomfoolery, fun and downtime. Come and be a part....
Medieval Spectacle in Berncastel-Cues
from 03.07.2015 to 05.07.2015

Entrance fees:
Normal price 6,00€
Children until 14 years are FREE !!